Luxury Villas

In Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten Island, Caribbean



The Best Properties in the Best St. Martin island's NEIGHBORHOOD  

The Low Lands Residence : Peaceful, Great Outdoors, Security, View,  and  Amenities



"  You are a Low Lands' owner

and you sale "


 Home Ownership

French Law and Local Taxes

- The Property Taxes :    For any registration of deed of sale, the notary must justify that the seller is up to date with his  property taxes. The buyer will pay taxes pro rata of the current year when signing.


- The Body Corporate Fees :  Not expensives for the Low Lands Residence.

You can find lot of information regarding the ASL of Low Lands Association's  activities on the website                               

At a sale, the OWNER must provide diagnoses for asbestos, termites, electricity, gas, ...

FOR THE BUYER :  Several types of fees are added to the purchase price :  

- THE NOTARY FEES :  Emoluments (fees that are part of the remuneration of the notary), Disbursements (correspond to billing of documents requested like survey documents or mortgage  information ) 

-TRANSFER RIGHTS (This registration  fee correspond to the tax of the Community of St. Martin for the sale. It is  8% of the amount of the transaction !  )